Aloha everyone!

My name is Betty, I am a mom of 2, born, raised and currently living in New York.

The only reason I have started this blog is because I wanted to create a hub, a center for all those who wish to know more about the diet program that changed my life – Beyond Diet.

Couple of years ago when I was myself in two minds whether to get inside the program, I couldn’t find reliable beyond diet reviews, or of Isabel. The only few reviews that I could find were simply the same content copy-pasted from the official site.

We all

I took the dive and decided to see what’s the program about since it was just 50 odd bucks and they had a guarantee.

And that decision changed my life. After about a year through the program, I had lost over 60lbs and have kept that off for quite a few years now, even after the birth of my second child.

Relatives, colleagues and local friends were surprised when they say my new ‘avatar’ and kept asking me what magic I did? Which product(s) I used? How could they lose weight? And everything in between…

I knew that I had to document my journey for the benefit of all these people so that I could simply point them to this site… 2 years later, I couldn’t imagine that this site had become the primary hub for all Beyond Diet related information.

All in all, I look forward to helping other frustrated obese people leave behind all the gimmicks and “secret method” products and start getting back in shape with a program that’s genuine, proven and that brings to you support of like-minded people.

Godspeed and all the best.