Does the Cereal Diet Challenge Really Work?

Does the Cereal Diet Challenge Really Work?

The Cereal Diet Challenge is a quick weight loss initiative by the popular cornflakes brand Kellogg’s. It promotes a two-week program of quick weight loss by means of portion controlled food intake.

According to the diet, you can lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks by replacing 2 normal meals, breakfast and lunch/dinner with a 45g serving of the product. Plus, you can indulge into a well-balanced third meal of your choice with low fat content and lots of vegetables. Also, minimal exercises like brisk walking for 30 minutes and jogging are also a must. After following this process for 2 weeks, it guarantees definite improvement in your weight loss aspirations.

The Cereal Diet Challenge

The creators expect the people who take up this program to be of 18 years of age and above, with a Body Mass Index of minimum 25. So do check your BMI before taking up the Cereal Diet Challenge. The BMI calculator is available online on the Cereal Diet Challenge website.

Kellogg’s (the cereal company) has made the Cereal Diet challenge tracking available for free on its website dedicated to the same , which has made it easier for Cereal Diet consumers to set their weight loss goals and meal preferences  online. Recording and tracking of your weight loss progress and food intake on the online tracker is a simple process on the Cereal Diet website.

The website helps consumers follow their meal plans regularly and also keep a virtual track on their eating habits.

Various meal plans, recipes and inspirational content to keep your routine on the go are also found on the Cereal Diet website.

Is the Cereal Diet Diet Very Healthy?

The Cereal Diet Challenge has a very controversial diet. According to its instructions, the routine consists of only 3 meals per day. Ideally, a healthy weight loss diet consists of low fat, low carbohydrates, a sugar free balanced diet and approximately 6 small meals per day. Consumption of 6 small meals on a per day basis helps the body to lose weight easily, as compared to 3 large meals.

Furthermore, the 3 meal routine of the Cereal Diet includes 2 meals of the regular cereals which consists of a meager 45g serving per meal.

Therefore, it can be said that the it merely jumpstarts weight loss and initiates low-calorie and low-fat eating habits. In a diet plan as this, the foods must be high on fiber and protein, which the Cereal Diet is not.

The 2 meals to be taken during the challenge contain about 100 to 200 calories which are very low if you consume only 3 meals per day, among which 2 contain 100 to 200 calories each. Also, the diet plan is not personal. The online progress tracking system does not take in your lifestyle and activity levels into consideration, just the height and weight.

The Cereal Diet also contains a debatable factor pertaining its duration. Taking the calories provided by the diet for two weeks into consideration, consumption of the product after the 2 week duration is a no-no. This also has a flip side. With continued consumption of the product, it can inculcate low-fat and low-calorie eating habits. Therefore, if the consumption of the product is abruptly ceased after 2 weeks and you return to you pre-diet eating habits, it is very likely for you to regain all the lost weight!

On the plus side, the Cereal Diet actually makes people want to eat healthy. The least it can inculcate is having the usually missed out breakfast in the morning, which is very good eating habit as it lessens your overall meal appétit for the entire day.

Furthermore, online diet plans can get tricky! For example, a sedentary worker is recommended a roast dinner on a weekday! As mentioned earlier, online progress tracking does not consider your lifestyle and activity level.

Starving your body can make you externally attractive and destroy you internally, simultaneously!

Therefore, consideration of calorie intake on this eating regime or any other diet is very important. Keep that in mind and all the best.

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