Eat More Carbs On Workout Days. Why? Read This Post To Know!

The days that you work out, you should be eating more starchy carbohydrates.

Eating carbohydrates on workout days will give you more energy, refuel your body after the workout, and they won’t be stored as fat.

Starchy carbs are great to have about on hour before a workout, and within 30 minutes after the workout. I must repeat, eating starchy carbs any time other than that, and they will be stored as fat. (see grocery list for list of carbohydrates, starchy and non-starchy)

Pay special attention to the pre and post workout smoothies.

Whey protein powder is one of the top ingredients in a fit bodied woman’s home. Studies have shown maximum weight loss and metabolic boosting from ingesting whey protein powder before and after working out.

Stick to an all natural brand that is free from hormones and sugar. One scoop of protein powder should be approximately 20-25 grams of protein.

Your next workout is only as good as your recovery from the last one. Athletes, fitness models, and people that take their training and their bodies to the next level use post workout smoothies that include some form of protein powder.

Recovery is key to building a body that loses weight, and keeps it off. You want your muscles to start to rebuild and repair within 30 minutes after you exercise, so make your shake before you do the daily workout.

A shake is the perfect after-workout choice due to the fact that it is absorbed quickly to re-energize your body. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you just burned off calories and don’t need to refuel. brink a small shake.

Then eat a small meal about 3 hours later containing more protein, a small serving of starchy carbohydrates like a small potato or a small sweet potato, some veggies and a little fat.

All other non-workout days you will have most of the carbs during breakfast. Carbs later in the day should be coming from fruits and vegetables.

You will be eating more calories from fats on those days, so you won’t get hungry. Keep in mind, that if you are eating the fats recommended from the grocery list, you will not get fat, you will burn it.

Each day, follow this plan as closely as possible for the quickest results. You will not be hungry. More importantly, do not think that you are eating too much protein, or too many calories.

You more than likely have been eating too many already, just from the wrong foods. This 30 day plan is what will support your system to reprogram your metabolism.

Keep the portions small, the foods loaded with nutrients and your plate pretty and appetizing. Eat a little bit of dark chocolate every night if you have a sweet tooth. Maybe a strawberry dipped in dark chocolate? Yes, it is allowed!

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