Fasting – Is It Revving Up Your Weight Losing Furnace?

Now, many regular readers might be wondering what is a post on “fasting” doing on a blog about Zantrex-3 the diet pill.

Well, we are staunch believers of a “holistic approach”. So even though Zantrex-3, other diet pills, and related posts occupy most of the other blog, we thought today’s topic is also very much related to the core problem, weight gain and obesity.

So instead of the usual pros/cons of diet pills like Zantrex-3, let’s take a detour towards one of the upcoming popular weight loss technique – fasting.

Fasting, or abstaining from all/some foods is no more considered and taken up by us only for religious observances, but also and majorly for weight losing purposes.

The belief of ‘eating less makes you lose weight’ is eerily popular among the youth as well as the older generation, therefore we see various people ‘cleansing’ their bodies through fasting.

Fasting not only means abstinence from food, but also includes widely and ignorantly famous concepts of juice cleansing, colonics, et cetera.

In order to obtain a broader view upon fasting as a popular weight losing technique and its effect, let us consider the possible negative and positive responses and opinions upon the apparent ‘abstinence’ from all or some foods.

It’s considered to be ‘IN’

As most commercial diet programs claim, fasting is truly the most natural process of losing weight for people who are not happy with their respective bodies and hope for an ‘ideal’ and ‘perfect’ body.

The ‘weight losers’ not only wish for a perfect body, but also wish to gain it in a smaller time frame and with very little efforts.

Therefore, fasting really is the most approachable and standard process of losing weight naturally without the help of gyms, as requested by many weight losers.

Although fasting is observed as ‘body cleansing’ generally, many fitness experts and enthusiasts have different opinions regarding the same.

‘The Intermittent Fast Diet’ developed by a certain medical journalist and a food, fashion writer claim an approach to health and bodily longevity through their fad ‘Fast Diet’. In this process, a person has to consume a small portion of the regular small meals that are consumed for a normal fast.

Also, the ‘smaller’ meals must be consumed simultaneously, leaving a little time frame which apparently helps lose considerable amount of pounds.

A lot of weight losers often observe religious fasts in order to cleanse the body which automatically helps them to shed the extra pounds and also form the divine intervention. Therefore, as experienced by many, fasting is a weight loss booster for aspiring weight losers who desire a perfect body.

Fasting, a no-no

Fasting to lose weight is often and mostly considered blasphemous by fitness enthusiasts as it does not provide our body with the necessary nutrients it needs throughout a single day.

It is also claimed that consumption of right foods in intervals, that is in various ‘small meals’, is the key to a natural weight loss with zero starvation thus, completely banishing the fasting theory.

‘The Intermittent Fast Diet’, in this matter is an epitome of an unhealthy body that experiences the starvation mode very often.

Pertaining the above mentioned process of the ‘Fast Diet’, it must be considered that severe restriction of calories to the body shifts or changes its metabolism rate and processing, therefore starving the body and not ‘losing weight’ in a healthy manner.

Also, there is a major ‘undiscovered truth’ in the fact that fasting is not suitable to ALL individuals. A Diabetic can suffer from serious complications due to carbohydrate-restriction, which is one of the main ‘anti nutrients’ taken up by most weight losers, only next to fat intake. The blood sugar of a Diabetic individual can also meet a shortage of insulin if carbohydrates are severely restricted.

Fasting to lose weight truly is a controversial concept as considered by fitness freaks and experts, alike.

Since a considerable amount of evidence, claims and beliefs portray fasting as the key to weight loss in both negative and positive light, it is frustratingly impossible for debutante weight losers to make efforts or no. It can be said that like many other processes, fasting as a path to weight loss also does not have quick fixes as and when needed.

One must understand that your weight loss efforts can be harmed if your body ceases to receive sufficient nutrients. Therefore, as debatable it gets the choice as it always has been is yours to embrace it or not.

A much better option would be to start a balanced diet first, and then maybe supplementing it with some sort of an appetite suppressant diet pill.

For e.g. we previously supported the “protagonist” of this blog, the Zantrex-3, but now you can read the “ideal weight loss path” we advice on our review page. No, we do not encourage the use of Zantrex-3 anymore and you can check the reasons on the review page.

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