Lipozene : Another Mendacious Mix Or The Perfect Potion?

Lipozene : Another Mendacious Mix Or The Perfect Potion?
Lipozene is on anti obesity drug which has created quite a buzz in the health and fitness industry owing to it’s all natural composition. In this blog post we will shed some light on the intricacies of this pill and reveal whether it lives up to our expectations or falls face down.
Over the last few decades the world has become a paradox in itself. On the one hand half the world is suffering from hunger while the other half is struggling with obesity.
A lot of efforts have been put into researching a cure for the evergoing struggle with obesity. From designing new workouts to plotting perfect diet plans to the latest development of weight loss a.k.a diet pills.
In the year 2006, a California based company introduced their flagship product, Lipozene. The pill is an all natural product with glucomannan as it’s principle ingredient. The highlight being, one doesn’t have to alter ones lifestyle. Glucomannan is a fibre which is derived from Konjac yams primarily found in the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, they are used for treating constipation, maintaining cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes etc.

How Does it Work?

A dose of 2 pills with 8oz of water is recommended 30 minutes before every meal,thrice a day. The glucomannan fibre released in the gut absorbs the water and expands occupying almost the entire volume of one’s stomach.
With a little space left to fill, one feels full and eats less. Whatever sugar is consumed is absorbed by the fibre preventing it’s absorption through the intestinal wall and consequently its conversion into fat globules. The makers of this product claim that 78% of every pound lost was pure body fat. It has also helped in lowering cholesterol level.

Side Effects of Lipozene

Of course, all that glitters is not gold. Quite a few side effects like nausea, constipation and rashes have been reported. Also, certain instances where the pill wasn’t digested and passed through stool as a whole were observed. But the major drawback is it is priced at a whopping $30 for a bottle of 60 tablets, which isn’t exactly affordable.
Even after being slammed by markets experts, these drugs are widely accepted by the general public. A regular user said that this regime has worked wonders for her as it has helped her lose weight and also put her bowel moments in a perfect pattern. Though she strongly suggests against over eating,as it may lead to excess visits to the loo.
Now there aren’t many public reviews on Lipozene, which is very odd given its popularity. After much research, we could find just one objective review over here, wherein the blogger actually suggests her readers to avoid the product. If you are seriously considering it, we highly recommend you to read it.


All in all, after weighing all the pros and cons, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Lipozene with it’s all natural composition, no severe or longlasting side effects, astonishing results and minimum maintenance soars right at the top. There are very few products in this vertical that claim to be all natural, so there is no doubt that the ones like this will only increase in its popularity for years to come.
Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that today, Lipozene offers the best deal out there for all those people wanting to get fit; both money-wise as well as results-wise. So rush to their official website now and experience the joy of losing weight firsthand, without too much efforts. Wow, that almost sounds magical, but for once, its true.

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