The 2 BIGGEST Beyond Diet questions I am asked:

  1. Does Beyond really Work and Will It Work For Me?
  2. After having tried dozens of products and ‘programs’, why would this be any different?

And now, since we are done with the first quarter of 2018, let’s find out if the Beyond Diet is going to change your life, YOUR body, or is it “just another diet program” out there…

UPDATE: They’re currently offering an extra $10 discount. Find out more (Discount applies in the cart)…

First things first – My Personal Experience With Beyond Diet…

before beyond diet in 2009


My name is Betty, I am a 39 year old mother of two, living in good ol’ big apple. And while looking for natural slimming solutions for myself (back in 2008) and finding no guidance , I decided to start this blog.

So, on this page, you’re going to read the most objective and comprehensive beyond diet reviews by me and other members.

I joined the beyond diet back in 2009 and am one of the “senior”members in there. :)

But even though it’s one of the few programs I recommend to my newsletter subscribers and visitors like you, my tryst with obesity has been long and hard.

I have battled with obesity since childhood. Things got too bad in 2009!

And yep, like most of us here, I have gone through the usual routine:

  1. First, we try popular “diets” like Atkins, or South Beach, etc. We don’t stick to it for long (why? more below) and quit it saying “IT” didn’t work.
  2. When that doesn’t work, we think, working out should help. So off to the treadmill we go! Of course, that only lasts one month – January!
  3. Then where diet and exercise fail, I moved on to pills and shakes! Yep, did that too, made those companies good money!
  4. Finally, desperate times called for desperate measures. So I fell for the final scams of ketones and belts!

I had turned into the weight loss industry’s most desired customer!
Someone who keeps buying products, then quits, and then continues buying some more! :(

Pretty soon… you turn into this…


Totally confused, I stumbled upon beyond diet quite accidentally, through a newsletter subscription I had. The newsletter author mentioned that this lady advocated changing habits and your grocery list for losing weight.


What does that have to do with anything… I had to check this…

But when Isabel said “crazy exercise won’t help”, that kind of hooked me. I couldn’t exercise (at least not at 242lbs), that I knew.

So I had to at least see what she was teaching (the 60 days guarantee helped).

So I was in, and once I was in, I was in forever!

In the subsequent one year, I had lost exactly 62 pounds (all ugly weight, no water weight, see the pics below) off my frame, and have kept it off even after the birth of my second child!

So yes, without doubt the program works

IF you follow it and if you are truly ready to ACCEPT that losing weight requires persistence and patience. It isn’t going to happen in 2 weeks, nope.

Anyhoo, so with myself as an example, I set out to help all those people stuck in step 2-4 (the shakes, belts and pills folks!), to find the real, natural way to better health.

Thus, this blog was born.

Now, onwards to the beyond diet review(s)…

Quick Beyond Diet Program Overview

(What it is, what it is not, etc.)

The Beyond Diet is a 8 year old membership program started by popular fitness coach Isabel Rios and Jeff Siegel.

Both Isabel and Jeff were successful authors before starting the membership program. (In fact, I was one of the first readers of their now discontinued book, the diet solution program)

The reason to start this unique membership program that boasts of just a “one-time payment” for lifetime access, was simple.

Back when the beyond diet was just getting off the ground, I had mailed Isabel personally to ask her why was she was charging just once, when every Tom and Harry were scrupulously charging “monthly recurring fees” for membership forums and sites?

Her answer, in one simple line:

“Because there’s no dedicated diet or ‘food only’ community for obese people”

And it’s true.

The beyond diet is without doubt, the biggest community of obese people (currently there are about 703,683 members!) looking to change their bodies using the biggest weapon at their disposal = food!

80% results are obtained by changing your food and eating habits

, and that’s where the name of the program arises = Going “BEYOND DIET”.

But nope…

The program’s doesn’t only focus on your diet, it also addresses the fundamental point of failure in 99% of the diets out there they’re same for everybody!

The Problems With One-Diet-Fits-All Approach…

If you are extremely obese = The generic diets stay same

If you are diabetic = The generic diets stay same

If you are an athlete = The generic diets stay same!

How can the same diet apply to people with different bodies, different genetics, different digestive and metabolic systems and different age and other factors??

 That’s where the Beyond Diet triumphs.

Beyond Diet Principle 1: Everyone is different.

The first and foremost principle of Beyond Diet is customization, aka, configuring the program for YOUR body type.

When (and if) you do sign up, the first thing you do is setup the program for your body through some questions the site asks. This will automatically change the way you approach your personal weight loss goals because IT WILL BE personal, it will be FOR you.

Beyond Diet principle 2: Diet is 80%, Exercise is 20%

It has been proven with over 30 years of research that when people changed their diet and eating habits, the results were 60-70% more fat loss compared to keeping the same diet… but with only exercising.

Of course, combining the Beyond Diet WITH some form of workout is the best possible thing you can do for losing that terrible fat you’re sporting! (Hint: I have got you covered, more about my own workout below)

Beyond Diet principle 3: Community breeds success

It helps TREMENDOUSLY when you personally know people going through the same problems as you. Trust me, it’s 10 times better combating any problem together, with a group of people than to do it alone.

This is the fundamental reason they built the community in Beyond Diet.

Ironically it’s a mammoth yet close knit community of hundreds of people inside Beyond Diet.

You ask a question – It gets answered in minutes! That’s it. By official coaches and even by anyone going through it themselves.

Many a times it would happen that I wanted to ask something in there, for e.g. I wanted to ask something about Diet Coke… and the exact question was already asked and answered earlier with over 48 replies! Problem solved.

And btw, the answer’s no, diet coke is not at all good for you. More inside Beyond Diet ;)

Now most people have concerns about rebilling nightmares when dealing with “membership” sites. Most of these sites say there won’t be any more billing, but still charge every month and then it’s a nightmare stopping it.

But I can assure you personally that these guys are far from being a scam, and they do not resort to such shady practices. It’s a one-time measly charge of 47 bucks and that’s it. In fact, I don’ even remember how many years ago I made my purchase! :D

Beyond Diet principle 4: If it isn’t tasting good, you isn’t eating it!

Ok, here’s a priceless weight loss secret:

Logically, any good diet program will work. Atkins works, paleo works, starving also works (since it’s plain logic)!

The best program isn’t the one which will make you lose a lot of weight, but the one which you will actually love to stick!

Read that again.

It doesn’t matter how good a diet program is if you are not going to stick with it!

Atkins will work… but try it for a month and you will be a blob of depression, carb cravings, constipation with a pale, energy-less body! Pretty soon, you are back where you started… in fact… for most fad diets… the situation is like this…


Now, forget Atkins, rather go with Paleo… and in a month you will hate even looking at meaty foods!

Go with starving, well, that will only make you regain more fat… once you quit and turn into a mindless eating machine!

In short…

The best program is the one you will actually STICK with, and one that you will actually LOVE to stick to!

Enter Beyond Diet’s recipe galore! :)

There are hundreds of recipe sites with thousands of generic recipes. But what differentiates Beyond Diet is the option to see only those recipes suited for your body type… remember the customization we saw in step 1, yep, it works over here too…

So you can literally sort through thousands of tasty recipes, perfectly suited for YOUR individual body type and goal.

What better than having tasty, yummy food, yet knowing it’s helping you.

That’s how Beyond Diet makes you stick to the program.

If you love what you are doing, what you are eating, AND knowing it’s helping you, you will stick with it, that’s the key beyond the hundreds of success stories in there.

Love your diet program – and you are automatically on the path to a healthier, slimmer version of you.

Who is this for?

Beyond Diet is most perfect for:

  1. People who have unsuccessfully tried diets before.
  2. People who know the stupidity behind pills and powders.
  3. People who know they can’t do crazy Insanity like workouts.
  4. People tired of buying scammy, hyped up “$17 ebooks”.
  5. People frustrated with millions of “instant solutions” hitting them every single day.

Another golden nugget for you…

We, obese folks are bombarded with an average of 4800+ advertising messages every single day! We do not even notice 99.9% of them consciously (hence the need to hype, btw).

But the only single, ONE way you are going to lose fat naturally and safely is by changing what you eat. Period.

There is no weight loss gimmick, secret, method, hack.

There is no true weight loss extract, pill, powder, or ‘ketones’ (remember Dr. Oz!)…

Just like the 80-20 principle we saw earlier (diet = 80%, exercise = 20%), it’s truer in the case of the weight loss industry.

99% of the sellers and companies are what I call “dream sellers”.

They sell you the “slim dream”, keep you fat, then make you move to their next product! (How many times have you done this? Honestly?)

But there are 1% genuine teachers, coaches who will tell you to first change your eating pattern before doing anything else. Those are the teachers we should listen to, and Isabel is surely one of those.

Sure, there are other honest coaches and teachers, but the “ROI” over here is crazy!

Where in the world can you get a fantastic proven program, videos, diet journals, tools, a buzzing community… at single throwaway price?

(Wow, I am sounding like a beyond diet reseller right now! :D)

But no, there are certain people not suited for this.

I advise against Beyond Diet:

  1. If you don’t cook at home at all.
  2. If you want to lose weight dangerously fast (like losing 30lbs/month!).
  3. If you (still!) believe that raspberry ketones will help you. Really, if you still believe that, you still have more dream products to purchase before realizing the truth.
  4. And finally, Beyond Diet’s not suited for very young people (under 20). Why? Because their metabolism is still changing, adapting with age. It’s better to go for the program after you’re at least 24-25.

But apart from the above, beyond diet is one program I highly recommend even to my blog newsletter subscribers for the only two reasons:

It works for the long term.

You will actually stick with it.


When Can You Expect Results?

Ahhh, the most popular question in my emails!

Everyone and his brother wants to lose fat yesterday… :)

So far we have established some facts, here’s some more…



Think about it for a sec… how long did you take to accumulate the extra weight? A day? A month, or was it more like years or decades?

See, if your body has changed (even if for the bad) slowly, doesn’t it make sense to adapt and lose weight gradually than losing 30lbs next month!?

For e.g. losing “belly fat” and fat from the butts and thighs is the most desired outcome for us all, we can all agree on that.

But you cannot ‘spot reduce’. (Btw, that’s another popular myth!)

You cannot ‘choose’ to lose weight off a particular body part because changes occur in the entirety of your body.

The change happens in your entire body fat composition, not just with your belly fat.

So when WILL you see beyond diet results?

Usually there are 3 possible scenarios we see in the community:

1 For the ‘extreme’ obese folks (225-250lbs and above), the results are very positive initially. You will start dropping sizes rapidly in the first 3-6 weeks, and then slow down with a gradual loss in the next few months. This is the best possible thing to happen to you!

2 For the ‘highly’ obese folks (180-250lbs), quick results can be seen in the first two weeks, but they are mostly obtained gradually after 4-6 weeks. Some see quick drops, most see gradual, steady drops.

3 For the ‘medium-high’ obese (140-180lbs), the results are slower and you have to combine the Beyond Diet with some sort of a workout (I’ll help with this, more below). But we have seen, especially women, who have gotten gradual, slow results, have been successful in keeping the weight off for years.


What Does The Program Consist Of? What Do You Get?

This is the juicy part.

Here’s a quick “inside beyond diet” video review of what all you get when you join the program…

Was that a good video review? Sorry if it sounded ‘muffled’, I had a really bad cold when I recorded that! Aahchhooo! :(

Anyway, for those of you who didn’t watch the video, here’s what all you get

1 The quick start guide

… will help you get an overview of the whole program and well, start quickly. :)

2 The 14 days of super charged meals

3 The Main Beyond Diet Manual

…the heart of the program, a detailed guide which you can read online, download and read/print, or even order for a hard copy delivered to you.

beyond diet manual

4 The Community Section – My Favorite Section. :)

As you can see in the picture below, the community is buzzing with official coaches and members asking questions, commenting, helping each other out with common and day to day problems.


5 The Yummy Section – The Recipes!

Beyond Diet has the tastiest recipes I have seen so far compared to most other “recipe” programs, and the cherry on the top (pun not intended) is these recipes can be sorted by their protein, carb and fat constitutions.

Meaning, you can sort and see only the protein rich recipes, or balanced recipes, or fat rich, or any other sorting you would wish. Priceless.

As for the recipes themselves… yum mee!

Have a look at some of them…


6 There’s a new section called “articles”

…which of course has a lot of articles on newest obesity related research and news.

7 Finally there’s a shopping section

…for and when you would need to buy vitamins, supplements, etc. Honestly, I have never ordered anything from here, but to each his own.

So those are the actual “contents” of the Beyond Diet program, but the biggest takeaway is the actual knowledge and action plan you gain from the main Beyond Diet manual. I mean for sure, if you research for weeks and months, you will probably find everything on the internet.

But for me, the onetime price for getting real, practical and more importantly proven information organized in one place, then getting on demand experts to answer my questions, and getting a program that I will actually stick to, was a no-brainer for me.

Also, if someone does decide to research everything on their own, there’s a BIG possibility of “getting caught” in the whole miracle product advertising fest!

User Reviews and Results

Not everyone has a website like me to post a review. :)

So what I did was I scoured the net for beyond diet reviews and could find some hidden gems given below.

These are the real, recent beyond diet reviews I found:

some more beyond diet tasty recipes 

second review 

third review

fourth review 

beyond diet edge review 

some more beyond diet blood sugar

And here’s a very recent video by 2 beyond diet members:

Also, here’s an image from inside the membership area…

Beyond Diet feedback

And here’s a small review from Facebook…

Beyond Diet feedback

Finally, Do I recommend the program? There should be some shortfalls, right?

Although the core program is fantastic and for sure one of the best diet programs out there, here are the 2 things severely


in Beyond Diet…


By default, the beyond diet guys do not give you any kind of a workout or exercise.

They give you everything you need ‘food’ wise, but for an exercise pack/workout, it’s a separate purchase.

Now, I am sure by now you definitely know that when you combine the power of ANY kind of workout (be it home based, or at the gym) with a good diet, the results are MUCH better and faster than just correcting your diet.

So when I myself purchased the Beyond Diet, I thought like “Of course they would give some kind of a workout…” right?

Wrong. You have to separately purchase it. :(

So that’s problem 1. A separate purchase for a workout.


The second problem with beyond diet is no help when it comes to food cravings and/or emotional eating!

Now, of course, not everyone suffers from them, but a majority of obese folks have this problem (I used to suffer from CRAZY sugar cravings myself!)… which is also the major reason they can’t get back in shape.

And of course the usual “7 tips to stop cravings” don’t help when it comes down to day-to-day living.

So that’s problem no. 2, no help with cravings.

However… even with these 2 problems…

Q: Why do I STILL recommend beyond diet to you folks?

A: That’s because I FOUND an amazing cure to the above 2 flaws… and for free. Yay! :)

Here’s how you can fix the 2 beyond diet problems:

When I first started beyond diet, I was really happy with the results. In the first month itself there was a noticeable drop in my weight + my blood sugar stabilized a lot.

So to improve my results, I started hunting for workouts that I could do at home (mother of 2!).

Sadly… I found…


Either there were extreme workouts like that Insanity thing, or some others that were too basic to give any decent results.

So what I did was, I hired a personal trainer!


Yep, Lisa was costly for sure, but the custom workout we created turned out fantastic! (More on how you can get it soon…)

Solution to problem 2 (Cravings issues):

Not many people know that I have a background in Cardiac Nursing.

So what I did to conquer my cravings problems is…

Research. A LOT of it.

For a whole year, I dug deep into books, research papers, and even opted for some “self study” courses.

What resulted out of my “geekfest” is a method that worked unbelievably well to control my cravings. For myself and some of my previous subscribers. So I started sharing it with some of my forum friends, and their feedback was phenomenal!

And before you know it, I was selling it for $37 on my site, and it’s now called the

“Cravings Control Formula”



I am NOT going to sell it to you! I promised to help you folks for free over here…

So instead, here’s what I’ll do…

Since I have to respect my buyers who have already purchased my workout + cravings program, I’ll share my 2 resources as a Beyond Diet “add-on”.

So instead of sharing it publicly, I’ll share it with the folks who are also beyond diet members.

That way, you get a great motivation kick to start beyond diet,


you get my workout,


you get my cravings control formula, all at a single one time price. Win-win-win. :)

Yep, that sounds fair, and should be a fantastic motivator to you.

So instead of purchasing a separate workout from the beyond diet folks, just get in with the basic membership, and forward me your receipt at and I’ll send over my goodies to you!

Apart from these 2 major flaws, I don’t think the beyond diet fails anywhere else. It’s a genuine program with a fantastic track record.

It has worked for the worst among us (I was 242lbs!), and without severely cramping my lifestyle.

Conclusion & Here’s What I Suggest…

No amount of “secrets”, magic tricks or products like pills and shakes can help you lose weight safely, naturally or for the long term. All those “monthly billing” products NEED you to subscribe… so they can survive!

And they will (quite literally) feed you a lot of “dependency” based advice to keep you hooked…


Whereas the truth is the only time tested, proven method is to 1 correct your diet first, 2 customize it to suit YOUR body type, and then 3 Give it a further boost by combining it with another proven technique like a workout that’s suited for YOUR body.

Beyond Diet comes closest to being the most genuine and workable program out there today, and the only 2 places it falls short, giving you a workout and helping you with your cravings, is where I can help you.

So with this fantastic triple combo, you have the best resources to start changing yourself, literally at your fingertips… the only question is… will you?

So what I suggest you to do now:

1 Get the Beyond Diet program now ( while it’s still available for a single payment

. (There are talks in the community that they are planning to make it a ‘monthly fee’ membership. So get in before that.)

2 Next, DO NOT purchase their extra workout. Instead, as soon as you get in, forward me your receipt on to get my workout AND cravings control formula.

3 Finally, start customizing beyond diet for your body, complement it with my workout and cravings control formula, and then STICK TO THIS PATH.

Lastly, I would just like to say that I always thought there was nothing worse than trying to lose weight by ‘instant fixes’ like pills and shakes…

But in fact, there IS something even worse you can do for your body…

The worst thing you can do (weight-wise) is finding a path that will truly work IF stuck to… but still NOT choosing to take it!

Put 1% trust in me and my workout, put 1% trust in the Beyond Diet, and put 98% trust in yourself… what will happen in a few weeks is you will send me an email to thank me! :)

And let’s make the best of the second half of 2018!

Update: March 15, 2018

I keep getting more and more emails asking me for my workout and other goodies. So to help you all, if you want to squeeze some“extra juice” out of the Beyond Diet program and REALLY, truly lose weight this time… do what I did…

I combined the Beyond Diet with 2 of my own techniques to maximize my weight loss results…

In fact, I owe 50% of my transition to the Beyond Diet, and the other 50% to my

3 Step Plan

that shows exactly how I did it…

I share this plan with my newsletter subscribers freely, so there’s no charge/payment for it… :)

So if you want to maximize your beyond diet results, and wish to take the exact steps I took (with the free resources)… you can find out below…

Links to the program:
Beyond Diet Main Page
Beyond Diet Direct Order/Payment Page

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  1. Betty,
    Just bought BD through your link and already emailed you the receipt. BTW subscription to your 3 Step Plan does not work.

  2. Hi Betty. I am a BD person. Being a Canadian and it cost me more than double what you would pay, but, the diet has worked for me but desperately need some ideas on exercises. I blew my knee out exercising (stepping) and would really appreciate having a copy of your exercises. I am a 66 year young female and need to really get back into exercising but just am not sure what to do. Would appreciate your help!! Thank you so much. Certainly enjoyed your website!

  3. I am ordering the beyond diet, it mentioned in your blog to contact you regarding the cleanse and exercise program. I would greatly appreciate getting that from you. thank you

  4. I am ordering the beyond diet, it mentioned in your blog to contact you regarding the exercise program. I would greatly appreciate getting that from you. thank you so very much.

  5. I have bought the Beyond Diet Program and I will email you receipt when I get home from work. Please send me your exercise and Cleanse/Detox Plan. Thank you!

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