Welcome to Beyond Diet Central!

The point of starting this blog is to prove to everyone that more than anything else you do for your health,

nutrition is the most important factor
. If you’re trying to lose weight, nutrition, is responsible for 80% of your efforts. And I learnt this in the Beyond Diet program.

Most of the obese folks can actually lose a ton of weight by just changing what they eat, instead of spending hours and dollars on treadmills or gym memberships! Of course, exercise will, without doubt, only accelerate your results, but what I mean is you will not lose a ton of weight by “only” exercising and not changing what you eat.

Think about that for a while.

So anyway, I wish to quickly deconstruct weight loss for you. This is one of the things people love the most because it really breaks out weight loss into its simplest parts. Surprisingly, this is something almost nobody does and I don’t know why.

It makes it so easy for you to succeed.


(And this is what I did before I found Beyond Diet) So, say you wish to lose weight, right? Duh!

Let’s say it’s (another!) new year or you’re getting ready for beach season or a wedding, and you say,

“Okay, well now what? ”


Cause there is so much stuff you could possibly be doing… so what usually happens, the first thing… you go and do the research.


Most often, you’re going to Google and thinking

“Hmm! Okay I wish to lose weight.”

What shows up?


Google search result

48 million search results!

So the first few results… you get stuff about food.

You talk in your own head, something like…

“Okay, do I focus on protein? I mean, should I be eating a lot of protein like Atkins? Should I be eating less protein since I don’t wanna bulk up… then what about carbs? Should I be eating a ton of carbs?

I heard that carbs will make you fat, should I not be eating them? Or fat, doesn’t fat make you fat? Aren’t there good fats and bad fats? What about high GI carbs, low GI carbs? Is too much protein bad for my kidneys?”


All these questions suddenly start cropping up… and you get more confused… and you franctically continue researching more.

And that’s just food…

Now, here’s some other things you could be looking up.


And when you look up exercise, the speech bubble goes something like…

“Oh, okay. So should I be lifting weights? I mean if I’m a female I don’t wanna get too bulky. Should I still be lifting? What about cardio? I see everybody running during the new year, so should I just be running? I mean is that the fastest way to lose weight or what?

Or there’s those high intensity workouts like that Insanity workout. That’s a big fad these days. You know, explosive movements or quick jumping and stuff like that. They say that you can lose weight much quicker, burn fat faster. So is that what I should be focusing on?”

And then there’s the supplements!

Fish oil, green tea, raspberry ketones, all the garcinia hoopla, then there’s stuff for Alzheimer’s and dementia, other magic things to accelerate weight loss and help you sleep better.

Should you be focusing on all these supplements and stuff?

And finally, if all that wasn’t enough… you’ve got the “weight loss programs”.

You read/watch/hear about these things from people, and you are thinking…

“Okay, I see Jillian Michaels on TV, should I be doing one of the Jillian Michaels’ programs? She’s got a bunch of books. I know her, I trust her. Maybe I should do that.”

Or you’ve got a friend doing Weight Watchers, and you’re like,

“You know, he/she got great results from Weight Watchers, maybe I should do Weight Watchers!”

Enough confusion already?


(We have all been here right?!)

You’ve got the actual diets themselves. Of course Beyond Diet is one of them, but apart from that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of other diets. Once again you’re thinking…

“Okay, well there’s obviously the Low-fat Diet which has been popular 20 years, you know. Every pack of cookies or crackers, even chocolate cakes is “low-fat chocolate cake”, right? Should I do low fat?

What about Paleo? Paleo people eat a lot of fat. They eat a ton of protein. Should I be doing that? I mean is that good for my health? Is that easy? Is that been shown in research to be effective?

What about low carb. I mean low carb is impactful for a while right?

Then there’s Atkins. But wait, didn’t Doc Atkins die of his own diet?”

(He didn’t, if you are wondering…)

And then, it’s still not over, the cherry of confusion on top, you’ve got thousands of books!

You’ve got books by researchers, by MDs, by PHDs, by institutes, by governments…

Books from “experts” like Dr. Hyman, Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, all of these and more. You’ve got spiritual experts, you’ve got health experts, you’ve got MDs, non MDs…


Just from your one single point of research, you’ve got, what? 20-25 things you can possibly do!

Each one of these can occupy you for months or years!

So what do you do to actually lose weight?!

How do you possibly take action with so much stuff to do? How is it humanly possible? And in fact, you can

break each of the above broad topic into 50 sub topics!

You can take one of these and focus on it for years! Do you really have a hundred years to experiment with diets?

No, obviously not. How do you take action with all these things?

It’s impossible, you can’t.

That’s why you have to deconstruct weight loss.

You have to break it down into a small… bite-size pieces. (Again, taught to me by Isabel Del Rios in Beyond Diet) You need to apply the 80/20 Pareto Rule.

What is the 20% stuff you CAN do that will contribute 80% of the results?

Of course, now I’m going to tell you exactly that right now, the one thing you need to focus on. Let me give you this one insider tip every expert, every experienced health coach or weight-loss coach and MD knows, but most common folks do not.

A few years ago there was this fascinating study that the
British Journal of Sports Medicine
did, they had participants exercising without changing their diet for 12 weeks. Now they had people exercise five times a week, one hour a day, for 12 weeks (three months).

Now guess how much the people lost in three months of exercise without changing their diet?

They lost five pounds.

Now that’s not much right, but here’s the thing, for five pounds of weight loss over 12 weeks, they worked out an average of

12 hours for one pound lost


And here’s the kicker, 50% of those people

only lost two pounds

. 50%, half!

Half of those people spent 30 hours working out for

every pound lost.

I don’t know about you, but two pounds lost in three months is nothing. You can go out and run around on a hot day and lose five pounds of water weight.

Two pounds is nothing


Exercising without changing their diet. Go figure.

Now the converse is true. There are many, many studies that have shown that if you just change what you eat without exercising, you can lose a ton of weight.

In fact I’ve actual feedback right here, on this program, with folks losing like 75+ pounds without doing any exercise!

We have Cathy who basically did the same thing except she also exercised. She lost over 90 pounds.

Bottom line – Food is the most important thing to focus on… by far. Bar none.

And so many people come to this blog looking for Beyond Diet, and they tell me,

“Look, I’m exercising so hard.”

And they are.

They’re pushing themselves. And honestly, they’re putting themselves through hell, but they don’t need to…

They just need to be focusing on the food. They need to be smarter about what they’re eating.

So once again, the bottom line, after you go through this whole process is that you need to master food, and focus on your food if you’re trying to see any kind of body composition change.

And the “weight lost” is not always a good measure.

You must focus on the “fat loss”. You don’t wish to lose weight if you’re losing muscle because the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is keep fat off. Read that again.

I’ll highlight that for the skimmers and scanners…

The more muscle mass you have, the easier it is keep fat off.

This is weight loss 101, weight loss deconstructed, weight loss as taught by the Beyond Diet program.

Most of us began searching through the huge pile of things. We go to Amazon, or we go to the bookstore. We see the Paleo diet, the Atkins, the blah blah blah diet, the Abs and health diet, the Elion Plankton Diet, the Pritkins diet, we see all these weird diets.

But what they’re ALL doing is paralyzing you from taking action.

You need to deconstruct it.

Use the 80/20 Rule.

Break it down to a small parts… which is what this program will help you.

Set a timer for five minutes, write down all the various things you can focus on and pick one for now. The most important thing is food, bar none.

This is has been studied to death and also this is just something everyone in the industry already knows that most people don’t.

I end this first section by saying…

Food is the main thing you have to focus on. And that is the only truth. If you have not realized that already, you will once you have tried everything else! Come inside Beyond Diet, all the members welcome you with open arms.

Now, let’s read the beyond diet review…